Whether just beginning to conceptualize your outdoor living space or looking for dependable experts to help you maintain your landscape, we can help. Diamondscape provides three main areas of service to residential customers, as outlined by the graphic below, and we stand ready to assist you no matter which phase your project is in. Our clients employ our services at many different stages of the "cycle" depicted here.

Consultation --> Design / Installation --> Maintenance

Your relationship with Diamondscape will most often begin with a consultation, much the same as it would with your accountant or attorney. But rather than rushing right in to tell you how much we know, we first take the time to listen to you - what you find visually appealing and how you plan to use your outdoor space. We help you consider the advantages and obstacles of your current landscape. We'll then work together to formulate a plan that builds on those ideas, as well as incorporates the seven Xeriscape practices. The ultimate goal is a long-lasting and desirable landscape that you will enjoy for years to come. The cost of a consultation is $200, but we frequently offer specials. Please call us to find out about our current deals for a landscape consultation at your home or business.

The seven Xeriscape practices, when properly employed, can result in a substantial conservation of water.
  • Planning and design
  • Soil improvement
  • Practical turf areas
  • Appropriate plant selection
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Use of mulches
  • Appropriate maintenance

Design and Installation

There are several components to the successful design and installation of your landscape. The design process that began during your consultation becomes more fully developed, and the focus moves from a more general idea about the overall scheme to more specific facets such as plant selection and placement, irrigation layout, and art. Although there are plants that won't work well in certain areas, the most important element of plant selection is quite simply personal preference. Maybe you prefer the look of unique plants such as Agaves or ornamental grasses. Others' tastes might lean more toward rose gardens or Japanese themed scenery. Understanding the importance of this personal preference makes our job of listening, along with our broad experience and knowledge, even more paramount to designing a landscape that truly reflects your tastes and personality. Next, irrigation layout is considered with a focus on a water wise philosophy. A "water wise" irrigation plan integrates deep, yet infrequent watering in order to encourage deep roots that will be healthy enough to withstand drought or cold temperatures. This water wise philosophy also contributes to a plant's ability to fight off disease and insect infestations, as the weakest landscapes are always the first to be affected by these conditions. Planning zoned irrigation (as opposed to indiscriminately watering everything the same) will help save significant dollars on your water bill. And finally, art may be the unexpected element in your landscape. With an eye for tasteful art that enhances the landscape, rather than detracts, Diamondscape can help you set a mood, add some whimsy, draw your visitors in...


While always an ongoing consideration, maintenance is a topic that Diamondscape always addresses in the design phase of your landscape plan. A beautiful landscape begins to lose its luster if it is too difficult to maintain, so this factor is dealt with as early as overall design, as well as plant selection and placement. We recommend that Diamondscape professionally maintain your landscape in order to allow you maximum enjoyment of your outdoor space, both in terms of your own personal time and effort and the beautiful well-kept setting that results from Diamondscape's experience and ability to respond to potential issues before they become problems. Clients find our maintenance services to be professional, dependable, thorough, and pro-active.

  • Diamondscape offers earth friendly, year round maintenance service that includes mowing, edging, blowing down, weeding planting beds and/or tree wells, and maintaining shrubs.
  • We offer extras such as fertilizer, mulch, fire ant bed control, annual flowers, irrigation system repair and maintenance, plant/tree/turf installation and much more.
  • We visit your home once weekly March through October, and twice a month November through February, weather permitting.

By the way, Diamondscape maintains the landscapes of over 165 properties ...