CarolineIn 1988 Caroline Foley started mowing lawns and with experience as her best teacher, quickly began to learn the secrets to what worked well in Austin landscapes. Diamondscape began to grow as quickly as the lawns and landscapes she was responsible for…

Eager to learn more, Caroline joined the Texas Association of Landscape Contractors, and swiftly gained the respect of her peers. She became president of the Austin chapter, and later served as the Marketing Chair for the statewide organization. Caroline supported the merger of the Texas Association of Landscape Contractors and the Nurserymen’s Association (currently known as the Texas Nurserymen and Landscape Association). Throughout, she has promoted water conservation and the use of organic materials and methods. She facilitated the education of Austin landscape contractors in proper techniques for landscapes while focusing on organic matter and soil depths for successful landscapes around Austin, Texas.

Caroline became a licensed irrigator in 1994 after years of witnessing the ill effects of improper watering of landscapes. She was invited to sit on the Board of Directors of the Water Wise Council in Texas and continues to promote the preservation of our precious water resources.

GeorgineAnother integral member of the Diamondscape organization is Georgine Dodds. She is a Certified Landscape Professional and has been a part of the Austin landscape scene for over 21 years. Her experience in both commercial and residential landscape installations and landscape maintenance puts her in the top of her field. She has knowledge of the plants that will work in Austin’s climate, how to add life to the poor soils here and how to work with Austin’s new Water Conservation Laws. She is known for her excellence in service and customer relations.

ValeThe daily structure and synergy of Diamondscape is expertly orchestrated by Diamondscape’s Maintenance Supervisor, Valentin Pena. Valentin is a vital part of Diamondscape’s dedication to customer satisfaction, and he boasts a 15 year employment history with Diamondscape, not to mention a spectacular track record of directing and supervising work crews and exceeding customer expectations time and time again. Valentin’s duties encompass a broad spectrum from meeting with clients, responding to emergencies, to putting the finishing touches on a landscape in addition to keeping the vehicles and equipment running for his crews. First to arrive, and the last to leave, Valentin’s commitment to his job, his clients, and his work crews is evident each and every day.



AliciaDeniseAlicia Foley has been managing Diamondscape’s business aspects since September 2004. In February of 2008, Denise Krauser joined the Diamondscape team and has been assisting Alicia in almost all office functions. Together they handle general customer relations, appointment scheduling, maintenance contracts, landscape and irrigation improvement proposals, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and many other office related activities. They are major team players at Diamondscape as they support healthy relationships between the many people involved and facilitate communication between the company, it’s employees, and the customer.

A solid reputation and a dedication to personal relationships have played a huge role in the Diamondscape success story. Diamondscape remains a leader in the field and has watched many competitors come and go over the last twenty years.

Diamondscape Employees