Total Landscape Management

As a business owner, you’ve earned a solid reputation and established yourself as a leader in your field. You work hard to ensure the success of your business, and it’s rare that your work week is contained within 40 hours. You don’t have the time or the patience to deal with a landscape company that does a sloppy job, misses appointments, or fails to effectively address issues such as pest infestations or disease before they become full-blown problems. Whatever challenge you are facing with your current service provider, Diamondscape is the answer…

Diamondscape’s Total Landscape Management allows you to focus your attention on the success of your business while we function as your landscape management and maintenance team, ensuring that your clients are always greeted with a landscape that is crisp, clean, healthy, and inviting. More importantly, we are able to flex to meet your expectations and your desired level of involvement. We take our role as your “landscape support team” very seriously. Clients find our maintenance services to be professional, dependable, thorough, and pro-active. Diamondscape Total Landscape Management offers earth friendly, year round maintenance service that includes the following:

We also offer the following optional services at an additional cost:

 Diamondscape employs the seven Xeriscape practices listed below, which can result in a substantial conservation of water.

Further, we focus on a “water wise” irrigation plan that integrates deep, yet infrequent watering in order to encourage deep roots that will be healthy enough to withstand drought or cold temperatures. This water wise philosophy also contributes to a plant’s ability to fight off disease and insect infestations, as the weakest landscapes are always the first to be affected by these conditions. Planning zoned irrigation (as opposed to indiscriminately watering everything the same) will help save significant dollars on your water bill. Finally, Diamondscape maintains the proper workers’ compensation and general liability insurance coverages, and ensures that all Diamondscape personnel working at your jobsite will be properly trained and attired.